Tubini Flex LCC 120

We are proud to release the Tubini Flex LCC 120

Design & features:

This Tubini Flex 120 is specially made for Linear Climate Ceilings (LCC). SAPP ceilings are an example of LCC ceilings.

The spot is mounted on a metal bracket that snaps on top of the aluminium ceiling profiles.


The installation of the luminaire if fairly simple:

When installing the ceiling, the driver is placed on top of the ceiling and wired to the 230V mains cable.

The secondary cable between driver and luminaire is pushed between the profiles of the ceiling. This cable must be visible from the underside.

Next you connect this secondary cable to the luminaire with the provided WAGO clamps.

The luminaire itself is then inserted in the ceiling. The bracket fits between two profiles. When the bracket reaches over the profiles, turn it 90° and pull down.

The mounting bracket snaps onto the profiles and is secured.