Stretto Air

We are proud to release the Stretto Air.


We have integrated the 21 mm wide louvers of the Stretto into a suspended housing. The luminaire is 26 mm wide,27 mm high and 1122 mm long.

The body is made entirely of steel and is seamless on all edges. This gives it the look of a machined solid block of steel.

The louvers can be mat black (MBL) or mat metallic (MML) with lenses of 55°.

The driver is not embedded in the luminaire itself. It is placed remotely.

You can hide the driver on top of a lowered ceiling with a ‘Ceiling Fix Disc 75’. Or you can use the new ‘Ceiling fix rectangular 50×160’ to hide the driver.

This is a screwless metal housing with an integrated strain relief. Don’t forget to add a 2G0,5 cable to connect the driver with the luminaire.

The driver is always included in the price of the luminaire.