Leolux furniture

New experience showroom for Leolux.

We are very proud to present to present that Leolux Furniture Group puts trust – again – in Mega Light, Audio and Insight for its lighting and audio experience.

MEGA combines Lunoo lighting products and Audio Pro Business audio solutions in a mix that results in an environment that has more impact than ever.

For decades already, Mega Light, Audio and Insight is involved in the experience DNA for Leolux, with brand stores Leolux Eindhoven, Leolux Brussels, Leolux Krefeld, Leolux Utrecht. This time, we redefine the experience to match a 2022 experience.

Better Experience, Better Business. Leolux Breukelen will be one of thé furniture experience stores for the future.

Thanks for your trust Roel de Jong. Thanks for the collaboration Bart de Bie for the installation.

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